[sell] Argos CMS 7.0 [Multigaming web system]
Hello guys,
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I want to share with you my web system Argos - Multigaming MVC system which is compatible with all of well known games like CS 1.6, CS:S, CS:GO, TF2, Mu Online, SAMP, Minecraft and so on...

The demo is on this link: https://argos.pw/language/es

You can see that there is "Style" menu and my system is compatible with custom templates which is using bootstrap 3 or 5. (5 is the last version)
Admin panel is made with AdminLTE and Bootstrap 3.

Argos is compatible with phpbb3 (last version) and PHP 8.x version.
It's fully integrated with phpbb3 and you need the forum if you want to use this system.
Argos is extendable with extensions and they can be enabled or disabled via ACP.

Readme and documentation: https://argos.pw/readme/

This system is developed since 2013 and for now is in stable versions.
It uses well known github repos to build the core MVC and its loading blazingly fast via PHPFAST Cache, minified js/css files and so on..

If you want to have a gaming portal, which is compatible with phpbb3 and if you want a magazines (shops) for offering vip privilegies for your users - this one is for you!

You can read documentation and you can see the private extensions... I can write every extensions if you need privates ones...
For know we have extensions for buying credits via PaymentWALL API and you can buy credits and with this credits you can buy vip previlegies on CS1.6,CS:S, CS:GO and TF2 servers (for now)
We develope our new magazines for Minecraft, SAMP and Wow.

The core price for web is 70 euro. 
Every private extension have a price (you can see documentation) 
The system comes with 15 non private public extensions...

Payment options:
- Spanish IBAN (I live in Alicante, Spain) / BBVA
- French IBAN / Nickel
- RIA Money transfer
- Paypal
- Western Union

This system is W3C validated and strong tested Sonrisa After 2-3 days the french translation will come...
For now the system is translated on russian, english, spanish and bulgarian.

If you have questions and suggestions - please, write in this topic Sonrisa
tu vieja
www.GameHost.com.ar <- renta tu host (ARG)
www.serverscstrike.com <- renta tu host (MX-PERU-VE)

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As i said, i live in Alicante and me and my family learn spanish and we pass A1 level.
We going to A2, but we are not fast learners ....
I'm from Bulgaria Sonrisa

Bulgarian official topic: https://web-tourist.net/threads/argos-mu...ms.131376/

Escríbeme en español, y de alguna manera nos las arreglamos con Google Translate Sonrisa
Show us some videos or screenshots to see how works
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Guys, some videos from me for you Sonrisa

# 1:
# 2 (continue of the first):

Sorry for the quality, i'm using bandicam.

If you want a code from me, to view the quality of the coding process, please write.

Demo accs:
demo pass: demo12
demo1 pass: demo12
demo2 pass: demo12
demo3 pass: demo12
demo4 pass: demo12
demo5 pass: demo12


Topic in amxx-bulgaria : https://amxx-bg.info/forum/viewtopic.php?f=37&t=11424

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